Write for Us

One of the values that undergird Beolder Online is plurality and diversity of ideas; thus, anyone can write for us. 

The main requirement is for interested writers to submit a pitch of what they would like to write about and a bio of themselves to info@beolder.com before they start to write.

What we do not accept or rarely accept at Beolder Online?

We rarely accept promotional pieces, unsolicited articles, short opinion pieces, book reviews, vague or general article ideas.

Please use Google Search to ensure that you do not send a story idea that we have extensively covered.

We do not accept plagiarized content, therefore, ensure that your article is less than 25% plagiarism report.

What is the typical length of Beolder’s article?

We accept articles of the following features. Article length should be between 1, 500  to 3, 500 words. We seek well-researched, honest critiques, critical essays, and sharp-eyed perspectives on a broad range of topics. We do not accept plagiarized content. You can ask us to give you the topic to write about if want.

Does the Beolder  Charger for Guest Post?

If you cannot allow link exchange or linking back our site to yours, then we will charge you for guest posts with permanent do-follow links to your website. The charge for a guest post is between $ 15 to $30 per guest post with a permanent do-follow link to your site provided the link does not redirect the audience to illegal sites and pornographic sites. Also, you must adhere to our terms and conditions, including the privacy policy.

Do Beolder.com Allow Link Exchange?

YES, we also allow link exchange under certain terms. For instance, if you are willing to write for us and link back our site to yours then that is also accepted. We have experts that monitor and evaluate backlinks, so the team will ensure the links are in contact as per our agreement with clients and based on our terms and conditions. 

NOTE that we only allow link exchange if you want to contribute one article with one permanent do-follow link to your site. If you want to contribute more articles with do-follow links, then you will have to pay. 

Ready to start writing?

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Only original, unpublished work

Please don’t submit articles already published on your blog or elsewhere. We do check – and if it’s not original, it’s not accepted.

  1. Be relevant and insightful

We won’t publish ‘same-old’ content. Take a look at past posts on the Beolder.com blog and see how you can contribute something fresh and different.

  1. Fluent, readable and error-free

Content must be written in high-level, error-free, and fluent English. Give your article proper structure with eye-catching headings and subheadings. You can also ask us about a relevant topic to write.  

  1. Don’t get all ‘commercial’ on us

Please don’t include promotional content or links to your product or service. Content should be useful and compelling to the reader – not self-serving.

  1. Give facts, examples, and practical tips

As the philosopher, Terence said, “There are as many opinions as there are people”. Focus your article on real-world trends and tips. Back up your claims with source links.

For example, here are some guest posts on product reviews that we’ve published in the past that we would love to see more of:

Where do I send my pitch and Guest Post?

You can send us your pitch or you can ask us to give you a topic to write for us at info@beolder.com.

How soon should I expect feedback on my pitch to Guest Post?

The editorial team will review the pitch and respond with the next steps within  7 working days. You can also ask for the topic you would like to write for us. 

If you have not heard from us after 14 days, you can email again to query the status of your pitch.

Best wishes and thank you in advance for your contribution to Beolder Online.