Top 12 Best Shampoo to Regrow Hair Faster

Hair loss is very common especially as people grow older, while some may lose hair at teens. I know you are one of them who are affected. But there are some of the best shampoo to regrow hair faster within a few weeks.

These shampoo contains very powerful active ingredients that help boost or stimulate your hormones to enable faster regrowth of hair.

It is very important to note that people have different metabolic rate, therefore, you cannot expect to have your hair regrowth the same as your friend who also use the same product.

Also, you can get this product in your nearby beauty shop, online mall such as Amazon, Jumia and Alibaba among others.

Some of the best shampoo to regrow hair faster are listed below.

    1. Ashanti-Q Sulphate Free Shampoo

Sulphate Free Shampoo is one of the best shampoos to regrow hair faster as it helps retain the natural moisture in hair preventing it from turning frizzy and dull.

It works by cleaning and moisturizing your hair as well as rejuvenating your scalp. The presence of antioxidant properties helps prevents breakage and fortifies your hair.

How to Use Sulphate Free Shampoo 

For a better outcome, kindly be patient and apply an ample amount of shampoo to damp hair. Then lather and massage evenly into hair and scalp.

You should repeat it  2 to 3 times at a given time until your hair and scalp are clean. Then rinse out the shampoo thoroughly until the water runs clear.  

best shampoo to regrow hair

     2. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This product is sulfate-free, and it is effective for regrowing hair faster. It also removes buildup, while infusing hair with nourishing moisture.

This hair growth shampoo is best for those who regularly color, straighten, perm or heat style their hair, as well as kinky, curly, or wavy natural styles.

It contains both Jamaican Black Castor Oil and natural Shea Butter to help advance regular development by reinforcing harmed or synthetically prepared hair, decreasing breakage, and the resultant shedding.

It also contains peppermint oil that helps invigorate the scalp for a shivering encounter. Please, use it as prescribed for a better result.

      3. Green Essence Chebe & Fenugreek Hair Growth

Best shampoo to regrow hair faster is all that you need and Chebe powder is here for you. It prevents breakage and promotes hair growth.

The presence of Fenugreek, which is an Ayurveda spice contains stronger antioxidant properties that stimulate the hair follicles for faster hair growth within few days.

The blend of these two active ingredients produces a potent therapy for faster hair growth and overall hair health.

When you use this shampoo, it will strengthen your hair, detangles, and prevent breakage, while leaving your hair shiny,  soft, and manageable.

This shampoo for restoring hair provides deep hydration, which promotes the repair of the previously damaged hair and makes them regrow faster.

Based on reviews, Green Essence Chebe & Fenugreek Deep Conditioner is effective for treating dandruff as it repairs dry, damaged, and over-processed hair. 

best shampoo to regrow hair


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  4. Hitoral Ketoconazole 2%, Anti-Dandruff Hair Shampoo

In case you are battling to find a moderate cleanser that works adequately to dispose of your stubborn dandruff, buy Hitoral.

It is clinically demonstrated to control chipping, scaling, and tingling. Hitoral is so amazing as it can even control extreme dandruff.

This product helps you get rid of the microorganism that causes dandruff and helps you develop new and stronger hair. 

Hitoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is an incredible cleanser that should be your first option if you want your hair to regrow faster.

 It actually contains 2% of Ketoconazole, an ingredient that is scientifically proven to remove dandruff.

best shampoo to regrow hair

How to Use Hitoral Ketoconazole 2%

For you to get a better outcome, you need to use it two times a week to control dandruff and to enable hair regrowth.  Moreover,  both men and women can use this product as it is gentle enough to use on chemically processed, color-treated, and gray hair.

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       5. Tresemme Anti-Breakage Shampoo

This shampoo helps your hair regrow faster as it contains active ingredients for hair strengthening that can help you achieve more fortified strands.

TRESemmé Anti-Breakage Shampoo contains a professional formula that works to restore weak hair to keep it smooth and stronger and revitalize distressed for healthy-looking hair.

It also contains a 5 Vitamin blend that helps restore and revitalize distressed hair.

This product also delivers intense nourishment and hydration, which leaves tresses with beautiful, and healthy shiny hair.

If you want the best shampoo to regrow hair, then this is the best product for you.

How to useTRESemmé Anti-Breakage Shampoo

For a better result, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Begin with a Rich Moisture Shampoo.
  • Apply first from mid-shaft to ends an adequate amount on hair length.
  • Run a wide-tooth comb or fingers from roots to ends to detangle and fully coat hair.
  • Then leave it for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Best Tresemme Anti Breakage Shampoo For Hair

      6. Dexe C1 Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo with Hair Growth

DEXE anti-hair loss shampoo promotes natural hair growth product contains stronger antioxidant properties that help stimulates the hair roots during hair washing.

It contains natural hair growth ingredients that help in hair regeneration.

Men and women can use this product to regrow their hairs and your hair will feel stronger and will have more grip based on the best active ingredients.

How to use it 

  • First, rinse hair and scalp with water to remove debris and oil before applying this shampoo
  • Secondly evenly apply shampoo, gently and thoroughly massage hair and scalp and leave on for 2 minutes to dissolve a harmful substance
  • thoroughly rinse off shampoo, please make sure to clean your scalp as well, doing so will ensure the removal of harmful substance, healthy scalp promotes hair regrowth. 

7. Dark And Lovely Au Natural  Wonder Wash Moisture Replenishing Shampoo

It contains rich ingredients to keep your natural hair defined and moisturized all day. This product helps keep your natural hair moisturized, fragrant and soft and provides a rich, quick lather that brings moisture to hair and scalp.

It actually, contains bamboo milk and mango oil that help to prevent tangling and dryness throughout the day. 

How to use it

For you have your hair regrow faster, apply a generous amount on wet hair. Then lather, massage, and rinse your hair. Repeat if necessary for better results.

      8. Dexe Black Hair Shampoo

Dexe hair shampoo is also one of the best shampoos to regrow hair faster within a few months. It contains natural ingredients to help you change your grey hair color while conditioning your hair strands.

Actually, this product is perfect for covering all types of grays on your head leaving the hair soft and shiny.

Dexe hair dye is known to work well for all skins and hair types without causing any irritation or damage.

It also helps your hair to grow healthy and stronger as compared to other shampoos. Moreover, it can be used on both natural or chemically treated hair.

The hair dye formulation has good long-lasting coverage that lasts up to 4-8weeks. It does not interfere with other hair products.

In fact, Dexe hair dye does not stain your skin and washes off well so as not to stain your pillows or beddings.  

best shampoo to grow hair

     9. Mikalla Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoo

Mikallla Cleansing and Conditioning Shampoo gently cleanses all dirt and residue from hair without stripping off essential nutrients.

It contains a highly versatile formula with a blend of quality conditioning agents that will leave your hair healthier, shinier, and silky.

This gentle yet effective shampoo has exemplary spread and lathering features that leave your hair feeling soft and full of body.

It is also enhanced with vitamin B5 (2)that improves the strength of your hair, whilst nurturing and restoring natural moisture. 

How to use Mikalla Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoo

Apply after washing your hair or on wet hair. Then massage gently into the hair and scalp. You can repeat it once and then rinse your hair.

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         10. Cantu Cleansing Cream Shampoo & Hydrating Cream Conditioner

This product is rich in active ingredients that help vibrant skin and repair damaged hair. It is proven to help in hair regrow faster. 

Cantu Cleansing Cream shampoo promotes healthy and moistured hair and also manageability strand with the perfect blend of pure shea butter, coconut oil, and honey formulated without harsh ingredients.

Nurture and nourish fragile coils, curls, and waves with Cantu’s gentle care for textured hair. 

best shampoo to grow hair

       11. Bio Aqua Ginger Hair Shampoo

This product contains ginger that helps accelerate hair growth and against hair loss. It helps you manage your hair by removing and reactivating your body hormones to help your hair grow faster and healthier.

Ginger hair shampoo comes with natural ingredients, which have no side effect.

Moreover, it strengthens the hair bulb, stimulates hair growth, eliminates dandruff, cleanses the oily scalp, and improves metabolic processes in the cells.

Did you know that this product can restore damaged hair and improves your hair with split ends? Well,  this product nourishes your dry hair and leaves your hair soft and easy to comb, and shiny.

best shampoo for growth of hair

     12. Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Deep Conditioner

Whether your hair is natural or one suffering from the harsh effects of hair chemical and dye use, today you have one of the best products know as  Mega- Growth Deep condition.

This product is designed to rebuild fragile and damaged hair caused by styling, heat stress, and over-processing. It also strengthens hair to protect it from further damage.

In fact, it contains a pro-Growth Complex that not only strengthens but also boosts hair regrowth of new hair cells.