How to Use Safe Choice Organics DIM Supplement

Safe Choice Organic DIM (Diindolylmethane) is naturally manufactured from natural plant compounds specifically from cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli.

Safe Choice Organic is one of the best DIM that has several health benefits.  This is just branding name, but the product is DIM.

So do not get confused. It is just the same DIM that has similar functions as other DIM products.

DIM Supplement normally comes in capsules, sometimes in combination with other supplements to optimize the desired outcome for better use.

But before you purchase any product, please consult your doctor and read the label carefully to ensure that you purchase the right product.

After purchasing your product, you need to know the following to stay safe.

How much DIM should you take?

Proper dosage for DIM supplements is unknown. However, studies show that the doses typically range from 108–900 mg per day, but it was for those who were suffering from cancer and prostate enlargement.

Although taking up to 200 mg of DIM supplement are not linked to any side effects. However, one can experience nausea, headache, and vomiting after taking a 300-mg dose.

This means that taking higher doses can lead to health complications.

Therefore, It is very important to communicate with your doctor before using this product.

What time of day should you take dim?

After communicating with your doctor, follow his/her prescriptions, Generally, take it in the morning with a full glass of water and a little food.  

Is Dim safe to take long term?

Many people ask if DIM supplements safe?  Yes, the supplement is safe for use when you use it correctly as prescribed by your doctor.

You can take it as a dietary supplement for several or long terms without any negative side effects, especially if you use it correctly. This has been proven by scientists.

The use of DIM in an animal study at hundreds of times the amount provided in dietary supplements produced.

No adverse effects have been reported for long term use of DIM supplements for men and women.

How long does it take for DIM  to work in your body?

Knowing how long it will take a DIM supplement to work in the body after taking it is very important. 

Without wasting time, it typically takes about  3 to 4 weeks for DIM supplements to start balancing estrogen effectively. 

This is about one month to start noticing the results. You only need to be patient and follow the doctor’s instructions to stay on the safer side. Do not overdose at all costs.

Should you take DIM every day?

DIM is present in most of the foods we eat daily, especially cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli. 

So if you take such vegetables, then know that you are consuming DIM, but you would need to eat several servings every day to notice the benefits of it.

But if you are taking the DIM supplement, you have to talk to your doctor to know the exact amount of DIM to take everyday. 

How does dim work in the body

The DIM supplement has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to eliminate active estrogen by promoting its conversion to good estrogen metabolites when you take it daily.

After these estrogen metabolites, which have a great attraction to the Sex Hormone-Binding Globulins (SHBGs) that bind up testosterone, it helps bump testosterone off those proteins, freeing it.

This helps prevents the effects of estrogen on cells. 

What does DIM do to estrogen?

Taking DIM help balance your estrogen hormones in the body.  In fact, DIM supports estrogen balance by increasing beneficial 2-hydroxy estrogens and reducing the unwanted 16-hydroxy variety.

This improves estrogen metabolism and helps resolve all three forms of estrogen dominance.

Is it safe to take a DIM supplement?

Many people ask whether DIM supplements are safe or bad. Well,  DIM is one of the safe dietary supplements that has been used for many years without any reports of adverse effects.

It has been proven that if you take DIM currently as directed by your doctor, then there are no adverse side effects you will encounter.

What you have to do is follow the prescriptions and purchase the right product.

Benefits of taking Safe Choice organic DIM supplement

a. Safe Choice DIM helps in Fat metabolism.

It helps speed up your metabolism and at a time help in balancing estrogen that always make it difficult when it is an imbalance for people who want to lose fat.

When you take Safe Choice Organics DIM, it will help you reduce body fats specifically on men’s breasts as it speeds up the fat-burning process.

b. Safe Choice organic DIM helps in weight loss

Safe Choice Organics DIM is suitable for weight loss. This is the best alternative for women struggling with weight loss that is caused by imbalanced estrogen in the body.

Taking Safe Choice Organics DIM, together with a low-calorie calorie diet and regular exercise can make weight loss easier for you.

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c. DIM Shrinks Uterus Fibroids

Safe Choice Organics DIM is also proven to help you reduce uterus fibroids. fibroids grow bigger and faster when bad estrogen levels are high, which contributes to breast cancer.

Fibroids feed on higher than normal estrogen levels and when you take Safe Choice Organics DIM, it will help you prevent the risk of cancer as it will shrink uterus fibroids.

d. DIM prevents Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, some types of colon cancer & prostate cancer in men

Some studies show that taking Safe Choice Organics DIM can help prevent cancer due to its anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidants properties that help boost the immune system.

People who take DIM have a low risk of developing cancer, therefore, know that you are safe with DIM products.

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e. DIM helps control menopause symptoms

Women are likely to develop menopause symptoms, however, Safe Choice Organics DIM is here for you.

Actually, during fertility years, our body produces a type of estrogen called estriol (the good estrogen).

However, during menopause, the body produces the bad type (the one that we said causes fibroids, cancers, etc.) called ESTRONE, which is linked to other chronic illnesses.

But taking DIM will help you lower the bad estrogen. Safe Choice Organics DIM is proven to be helpful with menopause symptoms like weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, etc.

f. Safe Choice organic DIM improves fertility

Scientifically, hormonal imbalance is a major cause of infertility in both men and women.

In tackling this issue, one needs to take DIM to help balance estrogen levels to increase chances of conceiving where a hormonal imbalance is a cause.

People who have infertility issues are always advised to take Safe Choice Organics DIM supplement for their general reproductive health.

g. DIM regulates irregular periods

Studies show that millions of women have irregular or missed monthly periods. However, it has been proved that taking DIM can restore women’s periods back to normal.

You can buy this product for your wife for better menstruation predictions.

h. Organic DIM Controls Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PMS are common chronic illnesses that can lead to other health complications. Most women know the struggle that they safe.

They usually experience bad moods, bloating, acne, vomiting, weight gain, cramping, and food cravings among others.

However, taking Safe Choice Organics DIM is effective for handling these complications.

i. Safe choice DIM is Perfect for PCOS

Studies show that females usually suffer from ovarian cysts deal with a myriad of testosterone and estrogens-related complications.

However, Safe Choice Organics DIM can help to normalize these hormones and make you stay safe.

j. DIM controls Hormonal Acne

Women face several hormonal problems such as Hormonal acne that starts with high testosterone levels in the body.

This can also be experienced in some men. However, It is proven that taking DIM can help handle this internal cause of hormonal acne effectively as compared to using acne creams.

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k. DIM balances estrogen hormone levels.

As previously stated, DIM normalizes estrogen levels to prevent complication and most women suffer such hormonal issues may perfectly avoid or prevent such issues.

l. DIM reverses a condition called estrogen dominance.

Moreover, when the body produces little or no progesterone hormone to counter the effects of estrogen, the condition is called estrogen dominance.

Taking DIM helps in managing estrogen dominance and help you stay healthy and fertile.

You can benefits from this product not only by enjoying its taste but also by helping you overcome hormone imbalance issues.

m. DIM controls Testosterone Levels

For those who have issues related to testosterone levels in the body, using Safe Choice Organics DIM can help you manage this issue.

Actually, a low level of testosterone in the body can cause facial hair growth, depression, and acne among other health complications.

Safe Choice Organics DIM

n. DIM may prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer is a major type of cancer that threatens humanity. Almost 80% of breast cancers are caused by high levels of bad estrogen.

This type of breast cancer is called estrogen receptor (ER) breast cancer. However, taking these Safe Choice Organics DIM With Vitex & Bioperine can help you overcome or prevent the risk of developing cancer.

o. Take DIM with Milk Thistle for Liver Detox & Endometriosis

Taking safe choice organic DIM with another supplement called milk thistle has been shown to reduce the severity of endometriosis. This is very important for those suffering from endometriosis.

Side effects of taking DIM Supplements

The most common side effects  of DIM supplements included

  • darkening of the urine,
  • an increase in bowel movements,
  • headaches, and gas

Less common side effects of DIM supplements include

  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea, and
  • skin rash

Moreover, as DIM supplements interact with estrogen levels, they may affect individuals with hormone-sensitive cancers or who are on hormone therapies.

These individuals, therefore, should steer clear of DIM supplements unless they are under doctors’ supervision.

Dim supplement reviews

There are positive reviews about this product as it is perfect for several health benefits. You can check customers’ reviews in amazon products customer review section for more information.

But generally, the product effectively works for both men and women who desire to solve their imbalanced hormonal issues.