Top 10 Best Private Hospital In Narok

Are you in Narok and need the best private hospital in Narok town for medical checkups or treatments? Well, don’t hesitate, this article provides you with all that you need. 

As you know that health is wealth, getting better treatment is very crucial for everyone and people in Narok are not left aside.

There are some of the best and cheapest private hospitals in Narok town, not only best but also provide high-quality medical services to patients.

In fact, these private hospitals in Narok town have highly skilled doctors and practitioners, which provide prompt medical services to patients.

They also use modern technologies for medical checkups, making them effective for the early detection of any chronic illnesses.

What you need to keep in mind while visiting a private hospital

 There are some of the most important things you need to know about the hospital you want to visit or what you need to carry while going to the hospital.

For instance, the cost of treatments may vary in various private hospitals. Therefore, you need to consider the cost, have an NHIF card, and also you need your national ID.

With all these, you will easily get treatments in a private hospital.

List of the best private hospital in Narok Town

  1. Narok Cottage Hospital

One of the best private hospitals in Narok that offers high-quality medical services is the Narok Cottage Hospital.

Narok Cottage hospital is located along Narok-Bomet Highway.

This private is very affordable and uses modern technologies to provide prompt medical services.

It also has highly skilled specialists and general practitioners who have good customer relationships, especially with patients.

The hospital offers in-patient and out-patient services, orthopedics, maternity, surgical operations, and many more.

Contact Information

For any inquiries contacts: 0721 970 707

  1. Nasha Lengot Medical Centre

Another private hospital in Narok is the Nasha Langot Medical Centre.

This private hospital is located along Mai-Mahiu- Narok Road, Narok Town.

It also offers affordable medical services to patients. With the presence of skilled doctors, general practitioners, and modern technology, Nasha Lengot Medical Centre provides prompt and high-quality medical care.

It offers general in-patient and out-patient services, radiology, screening (1), and laboratory examination among others.

Therefore, it is important to visit this health facility in case you feel unwell, especially, in this pandemic of coronavirus.

Contact Information For  Nasha Lengot

Call: 0800 720 005 for assistance

  1. Shepherds Hospital

From the name shepherd, this hospital provides the highest standard of health care in Narok town. The Shepherds private hospital is located at Enkare House Ground Floor, Next to Midrock Hotel-Narok town.

It has the best doctors and nurses that are friendly with the patients.

Some of the services it offers include general in-patients and out-patients services, radiology, ophthalmology, dental care, maternity services, physiotherapy, family planning, and laboratory examinations among others.

It also provides consultation services and other medical checkups.

For more information,contacts: +254 722 519 169

best private hospital in Narok

  1. Masai Nursing Home

The Masai Nursing Home is located Off Narok- Mai Mahiu Road.

It is one of the best private hospitals in Narok.

 In fact, it offers general medical treatment and consultation, family planning services, maternity services, pharmacy, and laboratory diagnostics among others.

This private hospital is well-known for its affordable treatment fee and best doctors for medical help.

According to reviews, Masai  Nursing Home provides prompt and high-quality treatments.

Contact Information

Feel free to contacts: +254 050 22228

  1. Transmara Medicare Hospital

I hope you have heard of the Transmara Medicare Hospital.

This hospital is among the best private hospitals in Narok County.

Transmara Medicare Hospital is located in Kilgoris Town.

 It offers a wide array of medical services such as general out-patient and in-patients services, laboratory examination, family planning, blood screening, and specialized consultation services among others.

Therefore, it is very crucial to visit this private hospital if you are living in Narok and feel unwell during this pandemic.

Contact information

Feel free to call their hotline number 0722 641 017

  1. Premiercare Diagnostics

One of the world-class diagnostic facilities that offer quality medical services is the Premiercare Diagnostics hospital.

It is located in Narok Town, Oltalet Mall, Near Tusky’s Supermarket.

This world-class private hospital offers health services such as radiological and laboratory services including mammography, CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, teleradiology, and specialized consultations among others.

Actually, it has some of the best doctors and modern technologies that provide accurate and prompt medical care to patients with chronic illnesses.

Furthermore, their medical cost is pocket friendly, therefore, you have no doubt of failing to visit this hospital.

Contact Information

Don’t be left behind while others get better medical services, contact: 0714 094 900

  1. Free The Children Baraka Health Centre

Another best private hospital that offers unique medical services is the Free The Children Baraka Health Centre, located in Narok South.

It is unique in that it provides general curative, preventive, and rehabilitative outpatient services at pocket-friendly prices.

In fact, it has skilled specialist and general practitioners that handle sophisticated curative, preventive, and rehabilitative services to people with disabilities.

Feel free to take your patient in this hospital for better medical care.

  1. Olchobosei Clinic

Do you want the best clinic in Narok, the Olchobosei Clinic is here for you.

It is located in Kapkoros, along Kilgoris-Abosi Road.

This clinic offers some of the best medical services to the community. Some of the services it provides include family planning, laboratory examination, consultancy services, in-patient and out-patient services among others.

Their medical cost is pocket-friendly, therefore, feel free to walk into this clinic for better health.

Contact Information

Contacts: 0791 735 991

  1. Akemo Valley Maternity & Nursing Home

Another best private hospital in Narok is the Akemo Valley Maternity Home, which is located in Kilgoris.

According to reviews by patients, this private hospital provides prompt and high-quality medical services.

It also uses modern technologies for accurate medical checkups.

In essence, it offers family planning and maternity services, immunization, antenatal care, general medical treatment and consultation among others.

For any inquiries contacts: 0724 675 099

  1. St Joseph’s Hospital

St. Joseph’s hospital is located in Ololchani, Kilgoris- Narok County.

It offers best medical services like laboratory examinations, general in-patients and out-patients services, radiology, and family planning among others.

The hospital has some of the modern technologies and skilled specialists that provide prompt medical help.

Contact information

Contacts: +254 058 22029

Summing It Up

The list above provides you with the top best private hospitals in Narok county. These private hospitals use modern technologies, have skilled specialists, general practitioners, and good patient-relationship.

They also offer a wide array of medical services at higher quality and at affordable prices.

Therefore, feel free to visit these hospitals for health assistance. Furthermore, healthy life needs regular exercise that will help you reduce the risk of several chronic illnesses.