To 10 Steps How To Pass Exams And Get Full Scholarship

Everyone aims at passing exams and getting a full scholarship, however, passing exams has been a very big challenge to most students.

Studies show that most students undergo a wide array of challenges including difficulties in paying school fees, lack of enough reading materials among others.

However, nothing comes easier, in fact, in every successful person, there is a painful story. For that matter, you have to put more effort despite the challenges that you face.

This will enable you to achieve your dream goals.

Good news is here for you, this article provides you with the best tips to enable you to pass exams and get full scholarship.

Tips to Make You Pass Exams And Get Full Scholarship.

  1. Draft a Timetable

As a student, you need to create your learning timetable. Actually, having a realistic timetable is the first key to passing examinations and getting your scholarship.

Research shows that most students don’t have a realistic timetable, others also have no timetable at all yet they are yarning for a full scholarship.

In fact, as a serious student who wants a full scholarship, you need to have your personal timetable, you can pin it on your desk or any place you are comfortable with so that you’re reminded of your №1 reading priority.

  1. Be determinant

Learn how to adapt to your new learning timetable. Know the tricks, the ins and outs of the venture and keep getting better at reading the subjects you are weak in.

Remember no one is perfect, and you can make it.

In fact, a determination is the biggest predictor of long-term success in education.

Get hungry for the win and stay focused.

  1. Stay progressive

A thousand miles starts with one-step. Revision may not be easy, however, you can make it a habit to read past papers and what you are being taught. Starting reading one subtopic per subject can be a good idea. With time, you will be able to revise more topics.

However, if you’re not moving forward, here is a way to get tasks done through a life hack called workstation popcorn.

You start with few revision tasks. Only move to the next one when you’re done a task. Make progress each day and you will be able to pass your exams easily.

Remember, not everyone is good at everything, thus, negotiate on your territory and play up your strengths to achieve what you want.

  1. Make Right Decisions Quickly 

Students and most people find it hard to make the right decision at the right time. However, time is a cost, you waste it now, you won’t get it in the future.

In short, don’t feed your mind that non-sensical tagline, (I’m too young, inexperienced, I’m from a poor background, don’t have this or that) — zip it, just get make it done.

 It is the right time you can make your timetable and follow it. While I was in form one, I thought, it was too early to start working hard.

Just like most students say that they will start being serious when they reach form three.

I tell you, it is the right time you can start doing a thorough revision.

Importantly, understand the magnitude of decisions you are required to make and prioritize accordingly.

  1. Do not focus too much on competition 

Mind your own business and have a healthy competition. It is true; students compete to appear in position one or top three.

However, you can be in position one, but with low marks. A good example is a student who lead in his class with 300 marks or C+, while in other schools, a student lead by (A plain) or 450 marks, so tell me, who will the sponsor guarantee a full scholarship?

Think about it.

In short, you need to focus on your goals rather than focusing on class competition.

Furthermore, ignore the noise, because what others are doing is out of your control and they’re probably amateurs. Focus on getting to the top of your game.

This will enable you to pass your examinations and get a full scholarship.

  1. Put More Effort

Hard work pays and there is no substitute for hard work, you must keep on revising your books, past papers, just do research, and seek advice from your teachers.

In short, you have to crack a couple of big hard nuts.  

Remember the tougher it is for you, the more difficult it is for others to replicate. So, stay motivated and work smarter.

Know the Best way to succeed in Life

  1. Be Opportunistic

I know you may think that you have reached the end.

For instance, you have read several books and now you think there is nothing more you can revise.

Just look around the number of problems waiting to be solved in our society.

In fact, you need to know that there is just so much waiting to be discovered, developed, or built.

For that matter, you need to be opportunistic, venture into new ideas to enable you to pass your exams and achieve your dream goals.

how to get full scholarship

  1. Stay motivated

Without motivation, it can be very difficult to pass your exams or achieve your goals. So, you need to always stay motivated.

Doing revision as a team, for instance, you can form groups or discuss quiz with your friends. This will make you stay motivated.

 In fact, motivation is the key for long-term success in any field.

  1. Kneel down before God and Pray

Lastly, you need to keep on praying. God is the creator, he knows you more than you know yourself.

Kneel down before the Lord and ask for his mercy, love, protection, guidance, good health, good memory and to meet your needs.

I am 100% sure, God will help you achieve your dream goals, He will never fail you, Amen.

Concluding thoughts

The above tips are here to help you achieve your dream goals as a student who wants a full scholarship. However, do not make a timetable and failing to follow it.

You need to complete what you started, no one will complete it for you. Work hard, stay focused, be determined, and above all pray, God will answer your prayers.