List Of Dispensaries/Hospitals In Gwassi Suba Constituency

This article provides you with a list of hospitals in Gwassi Constituency.

Factually, Gwassi has some of the hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries that help provide health care services to local residents.

With the help of the Ministry of health and the Homabay country’s Government, Gwassi Constituency is not left out in terms of medical provision.

In case you are living in Gwassi, you can visit these health centers to get medical checkups and treatment. 

Most of these hospitals or dispensaries provide primary care. Primary care is the first point of contact with health services and provides a point of entry for the entire health system.

In other words, if you visit these dispensaries, you may be transferred to other better hospitals where you can get full medical treatment. 

Access to primary health services is linked to better health outcomes, including improvements in self-rated health and a reduction in all-cause mortality, and Gwassi is not left out. 

Did you know that primary care helps to increase access to health services, which is particularly important for isolated or deprived population groups that may not have the means to access these services otherwise?

As the main port of entry into the healthcare system, primary care providers are available to help individuals to understand and discuss their health and any particular problems that they may be experiencing. In case of emergency medical need, a referral can be made for more specialized care.

 List of hospitals in Gwassi Constituency Suba.

1.      Suba District Hospital Sindo
2.      Magunga Health Centre
3.      Seka Health Centre
4.      Kisegi Sub-District Hospital
5.      Nyagwethe Dispensary
6.      Kigwa Dispensary
7.      Mukuyu Health Centre
8.      Tonga Health Centre
9.      Godbura Health Centre
10.  Malongo Dispensary
11.  Kisaku Dispensary
12.  Kiembe Dispensary
13.  Lwanda Gwassi Dispensary
14.  Nyandiwa Level IV Hospital
15.  Nyamadede Community Dispensary
16.  Opemble Dispensary

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How often can you go to a dispensary?

A dispensary typically does not provide qualified patients or caregivers, they only provide primary care, therefore, you need to visit the care center as often as possible, especially if you feel unwell or sick.

Do not sit at home when you feel sick even if you don’t have money. Most people often sit back at home because they don’t have money to go to the hospital.

Please if you feel sick and you can walk to the nearby dispensary, please go and see the nurse for assistance.

Who Manages Dispensary In Gwassi ?

 A dispensary is a small outpatient health facility, typically managed by a registered nurse.

In that, in every dispensary, there is one registered nurse that manages it to ensure that every treatment is done and in case of a problem, they can refer the patient to another hospital.  

In fact, the nurses are responsible to report to the nursing officer at the health center, where they refer patients with complicated diseases to be managed by clinical officers.

The dispensary provides the most basic primary healthcare services to rural communities, such as childhood immunization,  wound dressing, family planning, and management of common ailments like diarrhea, colds, and simple malaria.

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Are dispensaries in Gwassi constituency Good

There may be little or no access to quality care in most parts of the rural area of Gwassi.

Many of the government-run hospitals are not up to international standards, including in terms of the level of training, equipment, and hygiene.

And access to private hospitals can be quite expensive in Gwassi and Homabay or Kenya rural at large.

However, the Ministry of Health has put more effort to ensure that local citizens get affordable healthcare services. 

There are several dispensaries with specialists who are able to offer basic care, such as with skin conditions or simple malaria.

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Doe dispensaries in Gwassi need Improvement

Factually, dispensaries have been the most common providers of health services in Gwassi Constituency and the only form of health facility in most places in this area. 

Most residents are frustrated because of a lack of effective medical support, supervision, and prospects for further treatment.

It is important for specialists, including midwives and other dispensary assistants to get further training to improve their conditions of service.

The seasonal distribution of common diseases such as malaria, gastroenteritis, chest infections, skin diseases, gonorrhea, and schistosomiasis among other shows that infection follows the pattern of rainfall, and that there are some differences between the pattern of these common diseases and the common ailments reported by the villagers located away from the dispensaries.

It is critical to introduce more primary health workers to meet the health needs of the villagers. 

List Of Hospitals In Gwassi Suba Constituency

Why go to the dispensary in Gwassi

Visiting any hospital is one of the best things in every person’s life as it not only help in treating illness but also helps prevent the disease from becoming severe in your life.

It is always important to pay regular visits to health centers.  This will help you remain safe. Dispensary is the right place to visit while in the rural where you cannot get a better hospital.

The specialist in dispensaries may direct you to a better hospital if your condition is becoming severe.

They help in the early detection of illnesses that increase your chances of survival or treatment. 

It is true that there may be inadequate resources, including well-trained personnel in dispensaries. This may include not enough medical practitioners to help handle patients,  and inadequate drugs among others.

But the truth is that visiting these dispensaries may help you stay safer as compared to someone who does not want to go.

Wrapping it Up

You need to visit these hospitals and dispensaries as early as possible to help you identify any health complications or sickness as early as possible to help with any future complications.

These health centers has friendly medical practitioners that can help you solve your medical issues and can refer you to a better medical center for better assistance.

Feel free to visit one of the hospitals for medical assistance, including consultation as early as possible if you feel unwell.