How to Give Your Child CBD Oil for Pain and Anxiety Relief

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products are legal to sell and purchase as long as they contain under 0.3% THC. Because THC is not legal for children, however, there’s a gray area surrounding the legality of tetrahydrocannabinol-containing CBD oils for kids. 

Is CBD safe for your Kids?

According to WHO, the safety and effectiveness of CBD oil are only suitable for kids under a parent’s guidance as WHO reported that “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.”

In other words,  any drug, pills, or supplements may affect kids differently as compared to adults and you need to consult your doctor before giving your child such over-the-counter drugs.

Factually, the medical evidence of using CBD in kids is still fairly limited, and that is why parents are advised to seek consultation with their doctor before giving their kids CBD oil or products. 

Is it legal to give my child CBD?

Yes, as long as the CBD oil is used responsibly and the CBD oil is of high quality as per medics. However, some states may have some restrictions on buying CBD products, but hemp-derived CBD products are legal on the federal level as long as they contain under 0.3% THC.

Note that marijuana is illegal on the federal level, and it is not legal to give THC to kids because some CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, the legality of these products for Kids is something of a gray area.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that he or she does not give the kid CDD oil without consulting a doctor. As previously stated, the FDA has only approved one cannabis-derived drug product called Epidiolex.

Epidiolex contains a purified form of CBD and is proven to help in the treatment of  Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and tuberous sclerosis in kids of about 2 years old and above.  In nutshell, the FDA  has proven Epidiolex, which is a CBD product as safe and effective for its intended use. 

How much CBD should I give my child?

Typically, you should seek advice from your doctor before giving your child CBD oil because there is no standard dosage for CBD in adults or in children.

It is also important to know that dosage may vary depending on the product’s concentration and the condition you’re trying to treat. Therefore, your doctor will recommend you on which CBD oil to give to your kid and the amount you need to give the child for effective results.

Do not ignore your doctor’s advice and do not give your child an overdose of CBD oil.

How to Find the Best CBD for Your Kids

As previously stated, it is very important to seek advice from your doctor.  But there are several brands of CBD products because CBD has become a popular alternative to conventional treatment options.

The best place to shop CBD might be online on the grounds that you can look at several items and you’re not restricted to the state where you reside, however, make certain to check for delivery limitations to specific states in view of nearby guidelines.

While looking for CBD for a kid, it’s particularly essential to find an item that is produced using great hemp and tried for safety and purity.

Find out where the hemp is planted and where the item is produced. It’s likewise smart to verify whether the hemp is developed naturally and that it’s liberated from pesticides and different poisons. Ensure the CBD item is tried by a free lab (outsider) and search for a certificate of analysis with a confirmation from a respectable association like the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP).

Assuming you’re new to CBD, you should consider beginning with CBD chewy candies as opposed to CBD oil. These are helpful and simple to dose since they have a particular measure of CBD per sticky. For any CBD product, you pick, ensure to adhere to the dosing directions on the label.

How to Use CBD Oil for Kids

With regards to utilizing CBD, particularly for kids, following your pediatrician’s recommendations is ideal. There is no standard measurement for CBD dosage, and kids might require lower dosages because of their more modest size.

Prescribed dosage changes starting from one product and then onto the next in light of the concentration of CBD in the item, including the condition you’re treating.

At times, it might require investment and a little experimentation to track down the best CBD dosage for your kid. Begin with the most reduced prescribed portion to ensure your kid tolerates it well. Then increase the dosage if necessary to get the ideal impact.

How to give your kid CBD for pain relief

Pot users have a large number of products to pick. In the event that you’re curious about CBD yourself, you might find it challenging to become accustomed to dosing and directing CBD oil for your kid. It can help relieve cramps, soreness, and joint pain.

As another option, you should seriously mull over CBD chewy candies as an introduction. CBD gummies are just enjoyable enhancements that contain CBD. The kind of CBD oil can be unpleasant to some, so your kid might try and prefer CBD chewy gummies.

In the event that you decide to utilize liquid CBD tinctures, it’s ideal to take it by mouth and not by injection. Adhere to the dosing directions on the CBD product and drop the liquid under your kid’s tongue. It’s ideal to hold the liquid in the mouth for a couple of moments prior to gulping so it can be effectively absorbed into the blood.

The advantages of CBD oil are the subject of a continuous review, however CBD oil hasn’t been widely explored for its utilization in kids. Yet it shows promise for specific circumstances, it’s as yet critical to heed your pediatrician’s guidance and to utilize caution while picking and giving a CBD product to a kid.

CBD oil to a child

Benefits of CBD Oil  for Kids

CBD oil has several benefits to your kids as it help in treating a wide conditions. Some of the benefits of CBD to children are discussed below

CBD Oil  help Kids with Anxiety

CBD oil is know for its effective use in treating depression and anxiety . Although it is  a little more challanging to study the use of CBD for mental health issues than for physical conditions.

Evidence has shown the promise of CBD oil for anxiety relief. However, CBD research in kids is somewhat limited.

According to PubMed,  CBD oil is effective for pediatric anxiety and insomnia related to post-traumatic stress disorder. This shows that it can be used to reliever anxiety for your kids. Although more studies are required to determine the effectiveness of CBD oil on anxiety in kids.

CBD can help reduce Seizures on Kids

According to journal, adding CBD oil to current treatments  of  Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome significantly reduced seizures associated with Dravet syndrome.

Epidiolex, which is cannabis-based drug, its effectiveness supported by researchers to help treat suizures. Although the use of cannabidiol in kids is for epilepsy, but it has help treat a rare seizure disorders like Dravet syndrome . 

But before using this product, it is important to seek medical advice from your doctor so that you can use it effectiverely and correctly as per your health condition or your kids health status.

CBD assists in healing joint Pain

Based on a study conducted in 2018 and published in PubMed, it was recorded that over sixty percent of CBD users take it as a treatment for pain as a pain-relieving oil  and inflammation reduction product.

Although studies involving use of CBD by children is much less common, yet the potential benefits of CBD for pain in kids may be extrapolated from these results. This is because the benefits are attributed to the effects of cannabidiol on the endocannabinoid system. 

But as previously stated, you need to seek advice on how to use CBD and the type of CBD oil to use.

CBD Help in Kids with Autism Spectrum disorder

According to Mayo clinic, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) entails a wide scope of conditions characterized by challenges with repetitive behaviors, nonverbal communication, social skills,  and speech. Based on data by CDC, most kids are currently affected by austism as they estimates that autism affects 1 in 54 kids in the United States alone.

Even though the scientific understanding of autism is still limited as the reseach regarding the use of medical cannabis and CBD oil for children with autism is also limited, but there is a promising indication that CBD oil can help reduce autism in kids and adults. 

PubMed revealed that CBD oil or cannabidiol can reduced autism symptoms related to self-injury and rage attacks by  upto sixty-eight point four percent.

The research further revealed that hyperactivity  improved by sixty-eight percent and sleep problems improved in over seventh one percent of patients.  They recorded that more than forty-seven percent of patients experienced anxiety relief.  


Will CBD Make My Child High? 

To set the record straight,  many parent are often warried if CBD oil can make their kids high. Well, one of the most important things you need to know is that pure cannabidiol will not make your child high the way marijuana would.

It is only marijuana that can make your child high because itsconcentrations of THC are much higher and can affect you as an adult and kids. 

Here is the different between the two, the cannabidiol oil used to make CBD gummies or oil is typically derived from hemp (Cannabis sativa) while marijuana is derived from Cannabis indica and sativa.

CBD oil made with full-spectrum hemp (a whole-plant extract) may contain trace amounts of THC, but it can legally only contain up to 0.3% by dry weight. 

So you need to choose broad-spectrum CBD gummies or oil for your kidsincd broad-spectrum cannabidiol oil does not contain any THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid compound like CBD that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant and it is known for producing psychoactive effects.

Last verdicts 

Do not use this information for medical purposes. You need to seek medical advice from your doctor before giving CBD oil to your kid. This will help you know the amount of CBD oil to give the kid. Also, it is not bad to give the kid CBD for anxiety, or pain, but you have to consult first before giving them the product. Thank you for reading this article.