Hokuto Japanese Mint Patch for Weight Loss Reviews

Hokuto mint patch, also known as Japanese mint or corn mint contains menthol, which gives it that minty smell. Websites that sell Hokuto mint patches claim that the patches block the body’s absorption of sugar and starch so they can’t be stored as fat.

The primary ingredient is Hokuto mint. Companies that sell these patches claim it can help stop the body from absorbing sugar and starch, which ultimately turns to fat. This article gives you honest hokuto mint patch reviews.

How to use Hokuto patch

Use Hokuto patch once a day or every other day, for 8 hours. For better results, try for two months.

  1. When using the navel sticker, fully contact the navel sticker with the navel.
  2. A tablet every evening before going to bed, placed in the navel, fixed with a patch and taken the next day after getting up.
  3. You can also take two other stickers in Yongquan, and remove them the next morning.

Does the Hokuto mint patch work for weight loss?

Until now there is insufficient evidence of the efficacy of weight loss patches and that includes Hokuto mint patch. The theory behind patches is that the active ingredients are directly absorbed by the body.

There is inadequate proof of the viability of weight reduction patches that incorporates the Hokuto mint fix. The hypothesis behind patches is that the dynamic fixings are straightforwardly consumed by the body.

Analysts and wellbeing experts are as yet suggesting the accompanying to get thinner: diet, proactive tasks, and rest.

Researchers and health professionals are still recommending the following if are seriously want to lose weight: diet, physical activities, and rest.

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Its  Hokuto Patch safe

The manufacturer claims that is it safe and comfortable as it will not give you a feeling of moistness and with good adhesion. It is also made of natural botanical ingredients and non-irritating products.

hokuto mint patch reviews
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Hokuto mint patch Reviews

From Amazon customer reviews, these are honest reviews. 

Customer one:  Absolutely not. It is simply another scam aimed at taking people’s money. It will produce a placebo effect at best which will still require you to put in the time and effort needed to lose weight. There is no way around needing to live a healthier lifestyle that promotes weight loss.

Customer two: I used this product to help stimulate weight loss. After a few uses, my belly button area became sore and tender. When I used the product without the adhesive patch, the irritation went away. The product smells great, however, did not contribute to my weight loss

Customer three: The product simply doesn’t work, PLUS, they refused to refund me the money like they say in their guarantee. I had to charge back my credit card. Dishonorable company!

Customer Four: I am attempting to lose body fat buildup around belly. I have only used 2 times so time will tell if it works for me. I did measure my stomach in 3 places prior to use. Will remeasure in a month.

Based on the Hokuto mint patch reviews, it is clear that the Hokuto patch is not effective and does not work as most customers call it a scam product.

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Who should not use Hokuto patch Japanese mint

  • People with severe skin allergies are prohibited.
  • Women are prohibited during menstruation.
  • Keep warm while using.
  • Avoid cold,  and spicy foods and drinks.
  • Apply the product externally and do not take it orally.

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Last Remark

From the reviews on Hokuto patch, it is clear that the product is not effective in weight loss. You can try your best with this product.

The best way to lose weight is simply by doing regular exercise and eating healthy food diet. You don’t need to use these patches as you are just wasting your money.