How to use ESARORA Ice Roller for Face & Body

It is very important to know how to use ESARORA Ice Roller for face eye, migraine, puffiness, minor injury, and pain relief.

Actually, Esarora is a professional beauty health product supplier that is always focused on offering almost every kind of quality, stylish, and attractive skin care product for men and women.

This article, therefore, seeks to provide you with an in-depth review of ice rollers for face to enable you better understand it.

How to use ESARORA Ice Roller for Face  

This ice roller is very easy to use and you need to do is using it with your eyes closed to avoid it getting into contact with your eyes. You essentially use it like a paint roller across your face to make your face look smooth.

For instance, after placing your ice roller in the fridge for a few hours, start by cleansing your face and then use your ice roller. Simply roll it in a zig-zag motion across your forehead, on your cheeks, and down your nose. Enjoy the cooling and calming massaging effects on your face and body.

After using it ensure you clean the roller head and put it in the bag. Also, ensure you keep Ice Roller in the freezer at all times or have a quick-freezing with 10-15 minutes.

You can also massage during mask caring to shrink pores and calm skin. In addition, you can also use an ice roller to prevent wrinkles and improve dry skin.

Some people also use an ice roller to massage eye sockets and temples to relieve fatigue, calm skin and reduce burns of skin after sun exposure. It is also used to alleviate neck and facial redness and fever for menopausal females.

Should I use ice roller in the morning or at night?

Importantly, how and when to use Ice Roller is critical. Basically, you can use an ice roller at any time in your skincare routine either morning or at night while going to sleep. 

Several individuals use ice rollers in the morning to reduce irritation, puffiness, and redness before applying makeup, but you can also use them at night (or both) if you prefer.

In the morning after getting up, massage your body with ice roller before applying makeup to eliminate facial dropsy.

Do you use ice roller before or after moisturizer?

Typically, it is recommended to use ice roller after moisturizing your face, in that you have to start by cleansing your face and then use your ice roller to remove unwanted rashes or acne. After that, you can apply any moisturizers, toner, or serums.

Can I use ice roller everyday?

Yes,  you can use ice roller every day as doing so daily cannot hurt. That being said, ice rollers for your face are especially great to use any time your skin is inflamed, puffy, or swollen after a late night out or one too many martinis with a side of fries as reported by Dr. Nazarian.

How often should you use an ice roller on your face?

You can use your face ice roller every day for about 5 minutes to give an immediate boost to your appearance, but the results are not long-lasting. Dr. Khetarpal state that most people see results for just a few hours after treatment since it has a temporary improvement in the overall texture and color of skin.

How ESARORA Ice Roller for Face works

Esarora ice rollers for face work by contracting your blood vessels to tighten pores. It also works by strengthening the collagen fibers, making the skin firm and elastic to smoothen wrinkles and crow’s feet.

It also helps reduce varicose veins and thin rib floating, including purifying the hazardous waste with venous return and detox to weaken and eliminate specks. Ice rollers also work by slowing down the metabolic rate, ease skin redness, swelling, and pain, especially allergic effect.

Ice roller before or after skincare

You want to know what happens with applying ice roller for the face before and after serum. Well, since ice rollers help stimulate the blood flow in your face, if you use them in the morning or night of your skincare routine, they can help reduce redness, acne, puffiness,  minor injury, and pain relief. You will experience smooth and soft skin, face or body.


Do not use ESARORA Ice Roller on wounded skin tissue and always store in a cool place, especially in your freezer to avoid getting exposed to heat or high temperature. If you need any help simply contact the seller directly from Amazon Buyer Central or visit your doctor.


Is an ice roller good for your face?

Yes, this ice roller is good for face and body even if you just had an invasive skincare treatment or you have a pesky pimple, an ice roller is the best way to help your skin recover. It will soothe your skin, reduce redness, and increase the speed of recovery because it has a combination of increased blood flow and cold application.

What is an ice roller used for?

Ice roller is used for stimulating the lymphatic system and massage the face to get rid of puffiness and toxins, including stimulating your blood flow and reducing muscle tension.

Do you put ice roller in freezer?

Yes, you need to keep it in a freezer. The producer stated that if you are just getting an ice roller, they recommend that you place it in your freezer and using it the next day for effective results.

How long should I use an ice roller?

It depends on your skincare needs. You can use it as long as you can, but you need to seem advice from your physician. But in a day, let us say in the morning, you should only use the ice roller for five to 15 minutes.

Last remarks

This information is not meant for medical use, therefore, you need to seek advice from you Healthcare provider or doctor.