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A Mock Time Study Example

A mock time study

An example of a mock time study is shopping every day: every time I need an item I have to go to the shop and I cannot take a day without going to my nearest shop.

This includes buying food for breakfast, lunch, and supper across the day as I fail to purchase enough food to store in my fridge.

I even forget to purchase some basic food items such as salt, matchbox, tea sachets, or sugar, which would make me visit the shop even twice a day.

My nearest shop attendants know that I have to visit the shop.  I have failed to purchase enough food items in a day or foodstuff that could last for even three days without visiting any nearby shop.

The shopkeepers would even give me a discount for visiting their shop innumerable times in a week. I realized that I waste a lot of time going to my nearest shop, instead of purchasing enough foodstuff and storing it in my refrigerator.

Going to the shop every time is a waste of time, including a waste of resources. For instance, buying foodstuff at once is less costly and save time as compared to purchasing items in small amount.

The best step I could take to eliminate or reduce the waste is by ensuring that I create a shopping list for all the foodstuffs and other necessary kitchen items so that I could purchase them once at a time to prevent waste. In addition, I could have set a specific date for shopping to prevent going to the shop every time.

I think by creating relevant shopping list and planning to budget every weekend would help eliminate the waste of time and money.